Seniors(50 Plus) Are In A Financial Dilemma

Will they finally achieve social and political power?  Will they take on the persona of past generations defined as being unimportant, invisible, politically weak, socially discountable, and economically insignificant?

I wrote a new book titled, Encore! Encore! Seniors(50 Plus) As Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come.  The purpose of this book is to sound the alarm and find a business model that could help seniors regain control of hard-earned financial resources and live the dream of an active, creative, and prosperous retirement life.

Seniors are best known for their maturity, wisdom, resources, skills and the varied working and business life experiences.  I want to illustrate some of the challenges that seniors have in quotations from two different authors who are well versed on the Seniors demographic.

“The rules of money changed in 1971.  Today, we see the tragic results of that change.  The tragedy shows up in the lives of people who are not only out of work, but in many instances too old to go back to work.  The tragedy is the erosion of their savings as inflation marches on.”   by Robert Kiyosaki, ConspiracyOfThe

“Recently I was asked to testify before a US House of Representatives special subcommittee which was studying the problems of aging citizens.  I told them that in the Garden of Eden, God didn’t tell Adam that he should work just to retirement age.  He  said in Genesis 3:19 a man should work  ’till thou return unto the ground’ – that is, until he died.”  by Colonel Harland Sanders

In other posts I will be talking about HOW seniors can become more active, creative, productive and useful in their retirement life.




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