Lifelong Learning Made Easy

Seniors And The Internet

Generations Online- The Non-profit program for Internet literacy and access for the elderly, estimates some 21 million people over 65 do not and will not ever use the Internet——unless we intervene.


Seniors and e Readers

Large print books available in Libraries has traditionally been the primary source of reading resources for many Seniors.

Then, along came the e Reader and the opportunity to adjust the Font size to the Seniors own comfort level.  This is a big breakthrough for ALL Seniors and Lifelong Learning made easy.  E Readers come with manuals and instructions on how to use them.  I know that there are some Seniors that don’t know where the on/off switch is on an e Reader.  However; just as soon as this beginning task is learned ALL Seniors are capable of learning new things.

Who would have know that the Library would come alive and offer e Readers on loan along with hands-on mentoring and coaching.  This is all it takes to perk up a Senior’s curiosity and motivate them to learn all about  eBooks.  All it takes is one-on one collaboration between Librarians and individual Seniors, and Lifelong Learning is made easy to better the quality of Life for ALL Seniors and those around them.

Joe Wasylyk


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