Let’s forget about all those complicated Internet Marketing schemes and scams and just start with your own kitchen table to get and develop a business idea.  Colonel Harland Sanders at the age of 65 started as a home-based business and literally began from his own kitchen table.  His new product strategy started by purchasing different spices from different manufacturers.  What was his secret? The production process involved the simple idea of mixing the herbs & spices to get the right combination through trial and error using his own kitchen table. When the right product was formulated the seasonings were packaged in boxes and taken over to the local post office for shipping to individual restaurant clients.

Finding your true passion requires you to look inside yourself using your own intuition and creativity to fulfill your destiny. Be internally directed not externally controlled.

Be your OWN person.

Why do we go to business presentation seminars to find our dreams?

Business oriented seminars are generally structured to provide only a skeleton of basic information.  The purpose is to sell attendees very expensive training courses with no guarantee of success.

Seminar leaders want you to look outside yourself to produce results. This is why you’ll find many sets of seminar materials purchased then placed on the shelf to be read later. There was no interest to study the subject that was bought from an overzealous sales presenter. The seminar attendee is only financing the dream of the seminar presenter.

Too often we live our lives selecting what we don’t want then complain about how much we spent on something we don’t want. Make lists of your heart’s desire. Be crystal clear what you want and by what date.  Colonel Sanders working from his kitchen table needed the right quantity and quality of spices bought from different manufacturers, to arrive at his optimum 11 herbs & spices which later became the secret formula that was basically unchangeble.

So, next time if you get a personal choice to work on a business startup from scratch utilizing your own kitchen table OR being lazy and deciding to attend a business seminar(s); which one will you choose that will build a solid foundation for your new business career as a 50 Plus Entrepreneur or a Seniorpreneur.