Edward de Bono, the Father of Creative and Lateral Thinking in his book, Handbook For The Positive Revolution said, “As people get older and retire they have more time, but suddenly their role in society collapses.  Suddenly they become spectators in the game of life instead of players.” Older people have the time for self-improvement and for education (Lifelong Learning).  In the area of education older people are in a fine position to pass on their knowledge and in so doing to feel useful in building a better society.

The cruel and harsh reality as expressed well by Bob Proctor, is that everything in the universe is governed by a basic law- “Either create or disintegrate.” Therefore, it follows that, if something is not in the process of growing, it must, by the law of it’s being be dying.

For example, British Author, J.K. Rowling (47) who was a single mother living on State benefits when she started writing the Potter stories, the theme of poverty and class prejudice was particularly important.  “The poor are discussed as this homogeneous mash porridge,”she told the UK Guardian newspaper. “The idea that they might be individuals, and be where they are for very different, diverse reasons, again seems to escape some people.”

J.K. Rowling was extremely creative and productive under very challenging circumstances, and she had a laser like focus where creatively flows naturally, whereas, I think that most seniors will need hands-on mentoring help when pursuing any chosen business and/or social projects in their pre-retiremernt or retirement life.


The desired goal for seniors that want to be successful entreprenreneurs or small business owners should be Maslow’s (1954) self-actualization level of fulfilling your highest potential to do good for themselves and society.  Most seniors are stuck at the lower levels.  On fixed Government pension incomes these lower level seniors can only hope for basic shelter and basic subsistence.


Older entrepreneurs are not calling it quits and heading off for a quiet retirement.  As baby boomers grow older, and as people need to work longer in order to continue supplementing their income, we will see an ever-increasing trend of seniorpreneurs starting up new businesses.

Tradionally, Government policy has been focused on younger entrepreneurs (18-34).  Assuming that the Boomers take advantage of Lifelong Learning opportunities, future Government policy will need to focus more on seniors and senior entrepreneurs.

Are You A ‘Seniorpreneur’ In The Making?

In the book, ‘How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life’, Mark Victor Hansen and Art Linkletter said: “If you possess three important characteristics- physical readiness, the capacity to enjoy risks, and a passion for learning new things- then becoming a seniorpreneur could be the most rewarding aspect of your later life.”

This is your chance to think creatively. Three questions for self-assessment are:

1) What assets do you bring to the table?

2) How can you take what your BEST at and make a career of it?

3) What retirement lifestyle do you want in your retirement?