70 is the New 50- Paul McCartney Style

When it comes to the workplace or business is 70 really the new 50?

In reality aging employees face challenges when trying to stay relevant.  Cindy Krischer Goodman of McClatchy Newspapers said, “My silver-haired grandfather worked into his 80’s.  He ran his Chicago law firm on trust and signed clients with a handshake. But his last few years of practicing were rough.  He wasn’t as sharp as a decade earlier, and the young lawyers in his firm began questioning whether his handshakes were causing the law firm to get stiffed on fees.”  Clearly, attitude plays a role for Seniors (50 Plus) who want to become active, creative, productive and prosperous in their Second or Third Acts.

A nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends project finds that a majority (54 per cent) of workers 65 and older say the main reason they work is that they want to.  Just 17 per cent say they need the paycheck.  Those senior workers who hold onto the passion for their jobs or business are the ones who take the steps to stay relevant experts say.

Why Paul McCartney Style?  What has he done?

On Thursday, November 29, 2012 I personally attended a Paul McCartney Concert in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  This was Paul’s third concert in four days of his Band On The Run Tour In Canada.

Paul McCartney, 70 years old is one of my personal role models for someone that looks, plays and sings as if he was 50 years old or younger.  For much of his very challenging set that included 35 plus tunes his voice was strong but was willing to keep on singing even the high notes where he wavered a bit on a couple of songs.

McCartney’s power also extended to the pacing of his show.(Three hours with no official break except for Encore 1 and Encore 2).  He’s a master at moving from gravity to humor and back again, knowing when to tell a story about a dearly departed friend and when to make funny faces and point at fans as if he knows them personally.  The fans responded with mass singalongs and standing ovations.  I couldn’t believe that personally I felt I was in a secure environment and joined in the singalongs with all those adoring fans.

What a great role model Paul McCartney is for ALL Seniors (50 Plus); where we can be as athletic, vigorous and alert  as you were at fifty until you’re seventy or older.

What do I have to do?

Chris Crowley & Henry D. Lodge, M.D. in their book titled, ‘Younger Next Year’ wrote that it’s hard to summarize but there are three things.  Henry D, Lodge, M.D. said that the Three things are: Exercise. Nutrition. And Commitment.

“The biggest one- and the biggest change for most people- is excercise.  It is the secret to great health.  You should excercise hard almost every day of your life- say, six days a week.  Exercise is THE great key to aging.  This long slide…” again, the arching curve with his hand in the air, “can simply go away.  Or go up- for quite a while.  And you can be yourself for the rest of your life.”

Harry goes on.  “Nutrition, too.  You should eat the way you know you should eat but probably don’t.  If you can you should get down to your true weight.  It’s much more important to excercise, regardless of what you weigh and then learn to eat rationally from here on out.”

The Third thing is committment.  Here, you have to care about something or someone.  i.e. goals, charities, people, family, job, business and hobbies.  Especially after retirement, Henry S. Lodge, M.D. says, “you have to dig in and take hold or things can take some bad turns.  It’s specific to you.  And it’s awfully hard to generalize, but there have to be people and causes you care about.  Doesn’t seem to matter much what the causes are.  They don’t have to be important to society or make money, as long as they’re important and interesting to you.  There have to be people you care about and a reason to keep yourself alive.  If not…..”a little smile, “you’ll die.”

But remember, as you get older, steady excercise rises on the priority list because the tide is rising.  The tide has it’s priorities, and you must have yours. Or you’ll be swept away.

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Have a Prosperous New Year!

Joe Wasylyk, Seniorpreneur