Physical Condition As a Barrier To Becoming a Seniorpreneur

Are you a seniorpreneur in the making?

What does it take from a ‘physical condition’ point of view to be a healthy & fit seniorpreneur?

Art Linkletter in his book, ‘How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life’ said, “not everyone is cut out to be self-employed or run their own business, and that’s fine.  Some people are just NOT entrepreneurial, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Running your own show comes complete with many risks.  You’ve got to find startup capital, cover payroll and health-care costs, update your technical skills, handle marketing and sales, and still there’s no guarantee of success.  If starting a business doesn’t appeal to you, there are still many worthwhile ways to work, from volunteerism to community organizing.  But if you possess three important characteristics- physical readiness, the capacity to enjoy risks, and a passion for learning new things- then becoming a seniorpreneur could be the most rewarding aspect of your later life.”

Boomers/Elders are now facing a very difficult dilemma.  In a recent study prepared by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation found that baby boomers may have dreams of spending their twilight years basking in the glow of good health, but a new poll suggests they’ll have to work much harder to make that vision a reality.

Focusing on the habits of mostly baby boomers the online survey found a noticeable disparity between people’s perception of their own health and the reality of their medical situation.  While 80 per cent of respondents described themselves as healthy, the poll told a very different story.

Nearly 85 per cent of respondents did NOT eat the recommended number of fruits and vegetables per day, more than 40 per cent fell short of ideal physical activity levels, a fifth described themselves as smokers and 11 per cent suggested they were heavy drinkers.  Such habits, the Heart and Stroke Foundation said, are setting survey participants for years of disappointment.

Cardiologist and foundation spokeswoman Dr. Beth Abramson said those who indulge in unhealthy behaviors now are ignoring the fact that long life is not always equated with good health.  People often live up to 10 years beyond the time their health has deteriorated, she said, adding that final decade is often spent in discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Why is achieving optimum health and fitness difficult for many boomers/elders?

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Terri Ciletti said that the only exercise she got before she retired was walking her dog. “I see a lot of people my age who can’t move around”, Ms. Ciletti, 66, said as she progressed from machine to machine at the suburban fitness centre.  “If I want to stay healthy, I have to stay fit,” she said.

The take-home message is “no matter how many years you have been sitting on the couch, you change your future by getting up,” said Dr. Wright, Director of the Performance and Research Initiative for Master Athletes at the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine.

Just Get Moving!

Naturopathic physician Dr. Andrew Myers believes being fit and strong is LESS about exercise and MORE about ‘movement’. Movement doesn’t require the gym or expensive equipment.  Movement means walking, gardening, dancing, or playing with the grand kids.

Frailty comes with disuse.  When you use what you’ve got, consistently and with variety, it won’t be a concern.

A final thought here, in addition to physical and mental preparedness, Boyd Lemon of Manhattan Beach, California said, “I want to call to the attention of baby boomers and anyone planning retirement or recently retired that emotional planning is important too.  Going from a full-time job to no job may seem ideal, but it is an enormous and difficult adjustment.  Too many retired people end up feeling useless, with no purpose.  Many suffer from episodic depression as a result, making what could be the best times of their lives, the worst time.  Prepare yourself by finding a passion to pursue during retirement.

Happy Seniorpreneuring to all Seniors(50 Plus) around the World who seriously want to become more active, creative, productive and prosperous in their pre-retirement and retirement life.