This is an exciting time for Boomers/Elders that want to startup a small business OR become a social and/or business entrepreneur.  However; in the USA, UK and Canada the 50+ Entrepreneur is still NOT getting the the respect and business support that we urgently need to become more successful.  On a positive note there is some light at the end of a somewhat dark tunnel in the field of entrepreneurship, especially regarding the 50+ demographic of Boomers and Elders.

There are at least three new developments happening in this area right now.  In the USA the Kauffman Foundation offered it’s first-ever course tailored specifically to Baby Boomers in Fall/2012. I call this new development the head of the dragon that in my opinion needs to be spread out around the World.  At the present time in Canada we have the Startup Canada Communities Launch in May/2013 and in the UK there is the Senior Enterprise Association ‘experience never ages’ 50+ Entrepreneurial initiative.

Question- Are Adults 50 Plus Part of the Present Entrepreneurial Movement?

How many 50+ Adults have thought about what they are going to do when they retire?

Are you going to do nothing but leisure activities, volunteer in the community most of the time, startup a small business, become a social entrepreneur OR possibly even become a business entrepreneur after the age of 50?

in order to answer some of these questions and try to shed more light in this area, I am currently participating in a discussion group named  This new website is founded by Arlene Dickinson, Author of the book titled ‘Persuasion’ and co-star of CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den.  I find Arlene’s site to be a great place where the 50 Plus can meet and tell their OWN entrepreneurial story.  Arlene also helps entrepreneurs of ALL ages share, connect and grow. 

Marion Heintzman started out my specific discussion about Adults 50 Plus being or not being part of the present entrepreneurial movement by saying, “When i retire from my current business, I am going to start a new business.  I don’t think I will ever be completely retired.”  I replied to Marian by saying that’s exactly what I did i.e. startup what I call a new project as a social entrepreneur helping all seniors 50 Plus regarding pursuing entrepreneurship and helping to eradicate seniors’ poverty in the World.

So, how do you decide what kind of a new product or service you are going to create as an entrepreneur?  I think that older adults have different expectations and they will probably need some hands-on help from mentors/coaches in order to clarify their new business idea and then make it marketable and financially sustainable.  I also need to mention here that Arlene Dickinson, founder of also provides some tips for how to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Question- Will 50 Plus Adults make a difference and create something new alone or in collaboration with others as required?

I think that in order to have a real 50+ Entrepreneurial movement we will probably need to think about creating something new from our internal sources and then collaborate with others to get the best results.

Since my initial post on I have received a total of 123 replies to date.  I want to keep this conversation going in order that we can reach as many 50 Plus people as possible.  I also want to warn everybody that starting up a Second Act or Third Act career as a social and/or business entrepreneur is NOT easy.  As a result, to achieve a greater success rate for the 50+ Entrepreneur we will probably need more help eg. business operations and marketing mentoring, and some hands-on help from the retired business executives and business owners and finally, some guidance from younger social media  and eCommerce experts.