Life Reimagined Communities

Health-Care and Pensions

Susan Eng is vice-president of advocacy for CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons). As I already mentioned in earlier blog articles our American friends have made a significant change to their name AARP.  It’s now understood to be American Association of ‘Real Possibilities’ changed from Retired Persons. Of course real possibilities is looking more forward than just saying retired persons.

In Canada the primary focus of CARP is on Health-Care and Pension reform as compared to the American organization, AARP is looking to the future by building Life Reimagined communities and real possibilities for seniors ‘productive’ longevity.

Quotation- Susan Eng in her recent advocacy article in Canada’s Zoomer Magazine, October, 2014 edition says that, “the challenges of aging have morphed from private angst to public discourse. One after another, be it access to care, control over end-of-life decisions, retirement security or the right to keep working, our issues topped the legislative agenda. The question is not whether but how we move forward on them.”

I understand the importance of Health-Care and Pension reforms to improve the quality of life for seniors eg. dementia care, home care and cost-effective drug prices for seniors.

However; the Canadian Medical Association is partnering with CARP to call for a national seniors’ strategy, “moving beyound Health-Care to include ALL the challenges of an aging population.”

Also, in another post by Susan Eng dated September 25/14 titled, ‘Top 10 Reasons not To Start a War With Seniors’, Reason #5 mentioned that “Canadians are under-saving and a significant minority face the prospect of a substantial drop in their standard of living in retirement.”

Job Fairs Are Not The Answer

I also mentioned this before in previous blogs that Susan Eng is apparently planning to set-up Job Fairs for Seniors across Canada. I think that what is not fully appreciated is that many seniors living today are highly educated and thoroughly  experienced and they are looking for more challenging opportunities. I also understand that Susan Eng is very busy saying, “the here and now still needs our attention.” If this is the case i would recommend that we need to organize and develop a business symposium  to discuss how sentiors today and in the future can become more active, creative, productive and prosperous in their own pre-retirement or retirement life. Another topic for this new business symposium could be the subject of Senior Entrepreneurship.

Life Reimagined Community in the USA

I think that Canada is fortunate to be able to look at what AARP is presently doing in building Life Rewimagined communities in the USA.

In Canada, as well as in the USA the phrase ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ is appropriate because there is an absence of a real retirement plan.  The familiar financial plan produced by having you sit down with your financial advisor is only a part of the answer. Since many new and existing retirees could spend 30 or more years in their retirement life, the time factor is often ignored by seniors and their own financial advisors.

In the USA Adults of all ages- from 20-99- all think about “What’s Next” but often wonder where to start and how to make it real. That’s why AARP brought together top thinkers to help create Life Reimagined, an inovative new program that helps each of us identify and achieve our goals, no matter where we are in Life. Whether it’s starting a new career, building a new business or living a dream. Life Reimagined provides REAL help to pursue our possibilities and connect with a community to make it happen.  AARP also wants to build each community as a Life Reimagined community to host a series of Life Reimaged events and programs over the next year.

QUESTION: How do you discover your new life possibilities?

Nearly everyone, at one point or another asks this question. What’s next? for most, it happens at midlife, but for others, it’s prompted by different reasons. Whether life is changing, a chapter is closing or something is shifting, you just know it’s time to move into the next phase of life, but you don’t know what that means.

Authors, Richard J. Leider, Founder & Chairman of Inventure and Alan M. Webber, Editor of Fast Company learned that this new stage of life is ripe with potential, and this phase is called Life Reimagined. To guide readers through this stage, Life Reimagined serves as a GPS, redefining what it means to begin this next phase, moving readers away from conventional paths and toward unfamiliar territory that’s ready to be explored.

Life Reimagined is just one part of a broader movement initiated by AARP that provides practical ways for rewaders to:

* Discover and utilize their own special gifts.

* Leverage and connect with their support system.

* And take advantage of new possibilities.

QUESTION: What does Life Reimagine say?

At the heart of Life Reimagined is a manifesto that calls upon each of us to live our lives with choice, curiosity and courage.

It says that each of us is an experiment of one. That there is no one-size fits-all answers for this new phase of life. Each of us has the freedom to choose our own way, in our own way, throughout all the years of our life. No old rules, no outdated social norms, no boundaries of convention or constraints of expectation.

It says that, in a world of change, there are two constants: having your own purpose and being connected to others.

It says that Life Reimagined is a journey of inner and outer discovery. And that the ultimate discovery each of us can make is self-discovery.

It says that none of us should go it alone on the journey into this new phase of life. Isolation is fatal.

Finally, it says that as we learn to reimagine this new phase of life, we will end up reimagining every phase of life. Thinking differently about how we live the second half of life will inevitably change we live the years in the first half.  As we understand the choices that are open to us as we age, we’ll see that those choices are there for us at anytime.

Strengthened by these truths, equipped with a map of the new territory that lies ahead, supported by the stories of countless pioneers of Life Reimagined whose real-life examples show the way forward, Life Reimagined offers each of us the promise of a life of real possibilities.