Career Reinvention For Seniors 50 Plus


Recently I registered for a career reinvention course at a local centrally located seniors centre. The title of the course was ‘Examine Values, Strengths & Interests With Retirement Dimensions’. The description of the course presented by Marilyn Berezowsky & Ingrid Neitch was as follows: Are you contemplating retirement or newly retired and interested in broadening your retirement activities? The presenters wanted to introduce a new tool that was capable to evaluate your personal values, strengths, concerns, interests and more as you enter this new phase of your life.

In my own judgement I personally viewed this general course as being relevant for any seniors that desired to become more active, creative and productive in their retirement life. So, I decided to register myself to attend this presentation.  I was shocked to find out that there was only one other person already registered, and we needed a minimum of 12 seniors registered in order for the course to go ahead. The final result was that we didn’t get 12 only seniors to participate so the course was cancelled and my registration fee was refunded.

As I mentioned in some of my other Blog articles that in the Province of Alberta there was a Seniors Study recently completed. Some of the preliminary results indicate that in the best case scenario there will only be cosmetic changes made without really looking at the broader picture of studying Lifelong Learning and Career Reinvention for seniors 50 plus.

QUESTION- Is there any hope for seniors in Canada to get more involved in higher energy mental or creative activities?

Bernard Kelly of ‘Retire Laughing’ said that “In Australia seniors’ centres have expanded into associated “men’s sheds” where men meet to develop traditional hobbies- such as wood working. And when men mingle in a social environment they chat about common issues- lifelong learning, entrepreneurship, health, etc”.

Bernard Kelly is Australia’s Retirement Strategist and assists private clients with the four pillars of a successful retirement-your finances, your health, family & friends and your zest for living. And because money gives you options, his particular (wealth creation) expertise is in sharing property investments with couples in late career.

Then, there is John Tarnoff, a Career Reinvention Coach for Boomers who has some very interesting thoughts about reinventing ourselves. In general John said that many of us are blocked from reinventing ourselves into new careers by a linear concept of who we are and what we’ve done. We’re not comfortable with simply cutting the cord and somehow falling into a new career of our own making- as if its that simple. It would be great if our reinvention could be somehow miraculously handed to us, fully formed and available to just hop right into. Many of us take the defensive and defend-able route of planning everything out; setting the right criteria or conditions, and then looking for an opportunity that fits our assessment and our plan.

John Tarnoff also explains that the main lesson here is for us to look past our job description, or perhaps limited belief or understanding of what we do, and see the essence of what we have done in our work, and how we can apply that out into the world. The jobs aren’t always there, but there is always a need for talent, and for solutions to the problems experienced in this society.

CONCLUSION- To reinvent ourselves, we are well served to draw from our unique personal reflections and perspective on the world as a way of distinguishing ourselves in this new phase of our lives. Even if we have worked our entire lives in one company or one field, our struggles and triumphs in getting to our current situation forms a narrative that allows us to connect with others, and establish a reinvented path based on both skills and persona.

WHATS UP NEXT?  In my next or future blog article I want to talk about what ‘senior entrepreneurship’ is in pre-retirement or retirement life  Finally, I want to wish a Happy Holiday & Prosperous New Year to ALL my 50+ readers & friends!  Let’s keep the 50+ entrepreneur movement going around the World!

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